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Construction Business Mastery Alliance – Podcast #13

In the 13th construction business mastery alliance podcast, Glenn Wilson focuses on past current and future trends in the construction industry, legal issues, safety issues and special offers for the upcoming launch for members to join the construction business mastery alliance. In the feature segment we see that the construction industry rose from 2005 two 2007 and then began a sharp decline from 2007 to 2010 and it looks like we may be at the bottom of that decline. In this month’s legal segment Mr. Wilson looks at the ramifications of a “Good-Faith Dispute” as it relates to the prompt payment statutes that exist in many states. This month safety segment looks at language barriers that are causing problems with construction site safety and in the quick tips and bonus section plans continue to move forward to the launch of the construction business mastery membership site and a tremendous bonus for the first 10 members who sign-up.

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