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Construction Business Mastery – Podcast #5

In the fifth Construction Business Mastery podcast, Glenn Wilson covers some pressing issues in the construction field. The featured section is about the art of estimating. Mr. Wilson covers the three main factors that need to be considered when creating and submitting estimates, the cost of construction, overhead, and profit. In the legal section, he discusses the dangers of signing purchase agreements with suppliers that contain limited liability clauses and the legal ramifications of these clauses. The Safety section of the podcast is about safety around buried and overhead power lines and the OSHA requirements and penalties. Finally, this month’s Quick Tip provides a free 14 day trial of Plan Swift estimating software and the opportunity to learn about a segment of the construction market that every contractor needs to be involved in.

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Below I have provided a link for my e-mail address at constructionbusinessmastery.com. For the past year we have been doing some very lucrative work, with very little competition in a very specialized segment of the construction marketplace. As a bonus to this podcast episode I have decided to share our experience and help other contractor’s cash in on this marketplace. Every contractor, whether you are a general contractor, general trades contractor, Interior finishes contractor, mechanical or electrical contract all disciplines in the construction market are needed and can benifit from this market. As I thought about how to share this information I have decided due to time restrictions on my part to offer this to the first (25) contractors that contact me and request this information and assistance. So contact me e-mail address below.


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