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Construction Business Mastery – Podcast #6

In the sixth Construction Business Mastery podcast, Glenn Wilson once again covers several important issues in the construction field. The feature this week is about company image and the value of appearing professional in all areas. Mr. Wilson discusses the ways in which employees and equipment can harm and benefit a company’s image and how small things can improve the bottom line. In the legal section, he covers a case involving a sub-contractor, the United States Navy, and the Contract Disputes Act. The facts in this case remind us to make sure that funds are available for payment before accepting any work. The safety section is about falls, the leading cause of catastrophic and fatal injuries on the job site, and ways to prevent them. This week’s Quick Tip section is about the long awaited Construction Company Success Evaluation, found on the Construction Business Mastery website. The evaluation is based on the best practices of working companies in the industry and gives the probability of success for your business over the next five to ten years.

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