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Construction Business Mastery – Podcast #7

Glenn Wilson hosts the seventh Construction Business Mastery podcasts and discusses several issues of great importance to the construction industry. In the feature section, Mr. Wilson covers two tests for each business—the one customers give to the business and one a business gives to itself. These both focus on the efforts we use to retain our existing customers and to gain new ones. The legal section covers a case in which a sub-contractor modified the standard contract used by the contractor with its proposal and was awarded the higher amount by the courts. The legal hazards could have been avoided had the contractor and sub-contractor thoroughly reviewed the contract together before signing it. Glenn Wilson discusses the OSHA crackdown on residential construction safety hazards in the safety section. Large fines and penalties are being levied on all types of residential contractors for common and avoidable safety hazards. This month’s Quick Tip and Bonus section reminds everyone to take the Construction 101 Assessment that is linked in the show notes. This test will help identify problem areas in your business and give you the knowledge to correct them. Plan Swift has also offered a free trial of its software.

If you enjoyed the ideas shared from Jeff Peden here is a link to his web site www.jeffpeden.com

This week’s Quick Tip section is about the long awaited Construction Company Success Evaluation, found on the Construction Business Mastery website. The evaluation is based on the best practices of working companies in the industry and gives the probability of success for your business over the next five to ten years.

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