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Construction Business Mastery – Podcast #8

Glenn Wilson hosts the eighth Construction Business Mastery Alliance Podcast and discusses several issues of great importance to the construction industry. It has been several months since the last Construction Business Mastery Alliance Podcast this was due to Mr. Wilson’s having to re-organize his own construction company to meet the challenges of the difficult economy. In the feature segment Mr. Wilson covers several measures that he utilized in reducing his overall operating costs by over 30%. The legal section covers what every design build contractor needs to know in order to operate a construction company in the design build construction marketplace. In the safety segment Glenn Wilson discusses the hazards of lead poisoning and OSHA’s responses to contractors engaged in remodeling and or lead abatement construction. In this month’s quick tip and bonus section Mr. Wilson shares the information utilized in his company’s reorganization resulting in tremendous savings. Links to three of these cost-saving measures are listed below:

  1. Packet 8 VOIP, telephone systems provides tremendous savings opportunities for contractors. To receive a 25% discount on each phone extension, normal price $29.99 per month special savings for our podcast listeners $21.99 per month. In addition to savings includes the waiver of activation fees, free shipping and the first 30 days service free. Contact David Phan, account manager at 877-404-7506 or david.phan@8×8.com and give him the discount code cbmpodcast.
  2. For possible savings on insurance www.netquote.com
  3. To receive a copy of Jeff Peden’s new book ‘Take It to the Max’ at a 20% discount go to www.cbmapodcast.com/jpeden. I highly recommend this book. It is by far the best book I’ve read this year on business growth and development.

We encourage everyone to take the long awaited Construction Company Success Evaluation, found on the Construction Business Mastery website. The evaluation is based on the best practices of working companies in the industry and gives the probability of success for your business over the next five to ten years.

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